Salem, Tamil Nadu is a city of temples. The city has many beautiful, unique and historic temples which are famous all over the world. One of which is 1008 lingam temple. Located in Ariyanoor, a suburb of Salem city, 1008 Lingam Temple is one of the most beautiful temples in the country. It has 1007 shiv lingam, which surrounds the main temple of Shiva, and the main shiv linga in the center. It was created and now maintained by the private department of Vinayaka Mission.

The temple was constructed in 2010, by Vinayaka Mission, who is very much active in educational sector. The Vinayaka Mission has started and manages various colleges, who provide undergraduate and graduate studies in different fields.

About 1008 Lingam Temple:
1008 Lingam Temple is located in Ariyanoor, which is a suburb of Salem city on a hillock near Kunjmaala. The temple is managed by a separate dept. of Vinayaka Mission. The temple was constructed in 2010. The temple has 1007 lingams which surrounds the main shiv temple, which has the 1008th lingam with the holy cow Nandi’s statue in front. For visiting the temple, you have to go on Sangagiri to Salem highway, just after crossing the institutions of Vinayaka Mission.

1008 Lingam Temple, Salem

When you cross the gate of Temple, you can see an enormous statue of Ganesha at the foothills. The security guard is very helpful and guides you to the road you have to take for going on the top. You can take your vehicle to the top of the hillock, but if you walk you can enjoy the scenic surroundings and visit each lingam and offer your prayers. Every lingam is named after the thousand names of the Lord Shiva.

While walking or driving your vehicle to the top, you can also catch a glimpse of the Sangagiri Mountains. These mountains and the surrounding greenery create an ethereal sense of peace and serenity in your mind and soul. In addition of the lingams, the beautiful sculptures of Lord Muruga are interspersed in the area and are maintained very well by the administrators of the temple.

Front view of the 1008 Lingam Temple, Salem

On the top of the hillock, you can see a magnificent and huge main statue of Sri Umaiyambigai Samedha Sri Arunachala Sundareswara. The height of lingam is said to be about 17 meters. The main statue is said to be the true jewel in the crown of the hillock. The temple management has provided all the facilities for the people. They have also allowed cameras and video cameras in the temple.
Source.. Salem online.

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